June 2015

July 4th and Freemasonry

SHORT TALK BULLETIN – Vol.II July, 1924No.7 by: Unknown As Freemasons, it is no perfunctory spirit that we remember the 148th ( 217th in 1993) anniversary of the adoption of the Declaration of American Independence, July 4th, 1776. 

Trestle Board June 2015

  Read up on the most current issue of our Lodge’s monthly newsletter, the “Trestle Board”, or browse through the last few years of archived copies. 

Why The Holy Saints’ John?

W.B. Jon Patrick Sage Authors Note: Although Masonry in no way claims one particular creed or theology, it is widely accepted that the Christian Faith, and by proxy- The Holy Bible- form the majority and the basis for many of… Continue Reading →

June 21st, Summer Solstice… The Holy Saints’ Johns and St. John the Baptist Day

THE FESTIVAL OF ST. JOHN THE EVANGELIST THE CRAFTSMAN – DEC 1866  ***The Masonic Trowel All Christian nations celebrate Christmas time – the anniversary of the birth of Christ, the founder of the Christian religion and the object of its… Continue Reading →

One of Indiana’s Own…

Brother Red Skelton   Red Skelton was a Freemason, a member of Vincennes Lodge No. 1, in Indiana. He also was a member of both the Scottish and York Rite. He was a recipient of the Gold Medal of the… Continue Reading →

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