Our Mission:

  • To promote a spirit of Fraternity and fellowship among its members; 
  • To inculcate in the Lodge members a high sense of loyalty to, and respect for, each other;
  • To stimulate the intellectual advancement of Lodge members in Freemasonry; and 
  • To hold stated meetings and other gatherings for the better Masonic realization of such purposes. 

We are an established and growing Lodge, located in Seymour, IN. Our stated meetings are on the 1st and 3rd Mondays of each month, excluding December, during which we meet only on that first Monday. On the evenings of a stated meeting, we have supper at 6:30 pm, with Lodge following at 7:30 pm.

We also host a breakfast, open and free to all, on the 1st Saturday of each month, lasting from 7:30 am until 9-9:30 am. Please, feel free to come out and join us- see what all the excitement is about! Stop in for a visit. 

Likewise, for any who might not be Masons, but possess a curiosity in our Institution, please call on us, or drop by. We ask that you feel free to use any contact information that might be included on this page.

Our purpose is to work together as a group of similarly minded men, in order to achieve goals which include charitable actions within the community, as well as a purposeful and meaningful individual growth of the Brethren within our Fraternity. We accomplish this through an atmosphere of Friendship, Morality, and Brotherly Love.


Email: secretary@jacksonlodge146.org
1818 North Ewing
Seymour, IN



Group Picture Coming Soon:  

R. Gale Baird (Worshipful Master), Robert J. Dembek (Senior Warden), David W. Cooper (Junior Warden),
Michael Beck  (Senior Deacon), Vonscott Blair (Junior Deacon), James Meyers (Senior Steward), — (Junior Steward), John Burkhart (Secretary), Terry Byrns P.M. (Treasurer), Stephen P. Kroman P.M., O.S.M.(Chaplain), Mike Read (Tyler), Randy Ent P.M. (Trustee), Keith Penick (Trustee), Frank Cummings (Trustee), Reuben Cummings P.M. (Trustee),
Robert Cupp, P.M. (Trustee),  Larry McCord (Trustee)

Although a man must be a member of our Fraternity to participate and to be recognized within its walls; that membership is open to any who would ask. All that is needed of a candidate to apply is a voluntary petition, which indicates a belief in a Creator, a desire for knowledge, a wish to help his fellow beings, and a desire to become a Mason; all of which is included in a petition for the election to the Degrees of our Institution.

All that is needed from you, to begin a never-ending, exciting, and life changing journey into Freemasonry, is that you Ask.

Thus, the words: 

Ask One To Be One!