Taken from “A Talk To A Newly Made Mason”,


…”Masonry, therefore, is constructive in its teaching; it seeks to build rather than tear down. The world needs builders, and we welcome you to our ranks. If you study Masonry it will become a part of your very being, for every symbol and every observance has some application to you r own life.

​And you must continue in your search for the secrets of a Master Mason, those secrets which will enable you to be a better builder; for we are all builders, building, each one of us, the Temple of his own life and character; and each one building his own little part into that larger Temple which is the sum of all human achievement, that great structure rising slowly through the ages according to the plans drawn by the Great Architect of the Universe on His trestle-board. As Masons we are building on foundations laid by our brothers before the dawn of history; and the work must go on in generations yet to come until the mission of Masonry is fulfilled, until there is no further need of Service, until God’s plan is accomplished.

silver and detailed square and compass

 ​If you want to join us in this good and great Work, to Travel as we Travel- the path to membership is  clearly marked, and though not an easy pathway, one that is worth the effort. Indeed, the pathway      towards Light will render only as much Light as is sought by the Traveler!


Seek your own Light- Travel on, ever Eastward!