The Appendant Bodies of the Masonic Order are just that: Appendant. The existence of our Order is not dependent upon them, although they are dependent upon the Masonic Order. This is represented, in real time, by the necessity of any Shriner, Grotto, Scottish Rite, York Rite, or any other male Order be made up of 3rd Degree master Masons; before any other degrees, often termed “high” degrees, or “higher” degrees, may be conferred. Inasmuch as these degrees are “higher”, is a matter of considerable debate.albert pike Many, including this organization, tend to believe that the “higher” degrees are merely “extra chapters”, if you will, in the story book of Freemasonry, and although they do ADD to the story, they do not necessarily equate or make you a “better”, or in fact, “higher” degree Mason. Indeed, the highest degree, commonly speaking and without entering the realm of the absence, or presence, of the Royal Arch degree,  is the 3rd degree of Master Mason.

Likewise, the other Appendant Bodies, namely the Order of the Eastern Star, Job’s Daughter’s, DeMolay, and Rainbow– also add to the ranks of the entire Free Masonic family. Some of the requirements for memberships in these organizations are quite different than for the “Blue Lodge” of the basic 3 degrees of Freemasonry. You should click on a respective link, and contact that organization if you have questions regarding your eligibility! However they may exist or form, make no mistake, they are family!!! 

Indeed, there can be NO Appendant Bodies without the Masonic Order. On that fact, you may rest every other argument which may arise!